Friday, February 1, 2013

This and that....

I have to admit, that I have far from all the time I could wish for, for making miniatures. But I do get to find moments among other duties. And I have been working on different projects, a bit here and a bit there, and nothing quite finished to brag about. But I will show you one of my on going projects, which I started last summer. Mrs Havishams conservatory:

The idea is to make a dusty overgrown conservatory where time and life has 
stopped many years ago, when Mrs Havisham lost the man she loved. At the moment the colors and the room looks far to tidy and newly cleand, I´ll have to work on that dusty abandoned feeling. Or maybe time will work for me if I just wait long enough....



  1. I love it, Annie. Especially the wallpaper and that lace tablecloth.

  2. C'est absolument splendide. J'adore.

  3. Hello Annie, Mrs H´s Conservatory looks so interesting. The atmosphere is full of harmony. I like colouring - roses, wallpaper, cushion, rug. - Annie thank you for your small powder case. I like it. Hugs Kati

  4. Hallo Annie!

    The conservatory is very charming. I love the wallpaper and the chair! Great choice :-)

    Hugs, Lina

  5. This scene is gorgeous! I love the cozy atmosphere of this room.
    You're doing a beautiful work. ;)

  6. Everything looks great and I love the colors you picked. It would be a great relaxing place to sit and read a good book. Thanks for sharing the photos.

  7. It looks wonderful, will be even better with a little dust. Perhaps you can invite some spiders in to work their magic!

  8. Beautiful! I love it! Wonderful post.

  9. C'est une très jolie scène et les tons doux et reposants!

  10. Thanks to all of you :-)About the color I have to admit that I have manipulated the pictures a bit to fade the colors slightly.
    And about inviting spider... uhh... I´m f...... freaking scared of them and I have enough in this old house of ours. Likewise with dust, not that it scares me, but I have a dust allergy, so better work up some artificial dust...

  11. Oh, der Wintergarten ist jetzt schon so schön..!! Vorallem sieht er sehr gemühtlich aus. Deine Farben, die Tapete..ein Traum!!
    Liebe Grüße Mokiba

  12. Oh Yes, Poor Mrs Havisham, defiantly a few more cobwebs and a lot more dust!

    What a lovely scene, it all looks so pretty, that rose paper is divine.

    Fi x

  13. I like the idea of Miss H languishing in her Conservatory. It makes a change from seeing her in the dining room! Definitely a project to follow with interest.

  14. Beautiful conservatory, Annie! I like very much the wallpaper, the furniture and accessoires.
    It is not Mrs Havisham, but MISS Havisham... never married... I love Dickens books...
    Your blog is fantastic!!!
    Noëlle (Nono nostalgie)

  15. Oh Annie, please do not age too this greenhouse as it is already so adorable!
    I want to be there to read a good book, with my inevitable Earl Grey in the afternoon ...