Sunday, April 21, 2013

An old trailer, a showroom and a website....

What´s going on on that old train station of ours????

We have been quite busy here.... and I admit that making miniatures haven´t been what I have spend most of my time at these past days.

My husband and I are preparing for the opening of GypsyBoudoirMiniatures showroom. Sounds great and it sure is....  but in a small modest scale. Though 1:1 but still a small and timeworned trailer that we are renovating to be my new miniature showroom. I will open for costumers and miniature interested on the 4th of May.

Besides renovating the trailer and doing our daily paid jobs, we are working on our miniature website "WeLoveMiniatures". For those of you who still haven´t joined, please visit and sign up for our updates. First news letter is soon to come!!!

Monday, April 1, 2013

A winner....YEAHHH... and a website release.....

I´ve had quite a busy miniature day. This last easter holiday has been used exclusively on miniature thinking and doing. I´ve been working on some different projects. I had some orders to finish and pack for shipping tomorrow when the postoffice opens again. Then I had some photos to take and some new items to list at Etsy. Then there were a tutorial to finish and a small article to edit.... More about that later.

AND THEN.....there is a giveaway winner to announce....
I had a moment of thinking on how to do the draw. Then I decided on the easy way. I asked my husband to mention a number between 1 and 76 and he chose 52.

52 that is..... Ta daaaa....... (drum roll)........ Indy Poppy!!!

Congratulation to you... Please Email me your address, and I will send the giveaway as fast as possible.

AND NOW....... a new website to release.... and why I have been quite busy all day.
My husband and I have launched a new miniature website today....
1th of April 2013.
We hope to get a lot of readers and miniaturists as time comes. Please pay a visit to:


Soon I will announce....


I will make the draw and announce the winner in a few hours.... Meanwhile you can have a look at this new item in my Etsyshop...