Saturday, October 25, 2014

Magazine now on print....

Maybe you have heard it. I have made my first attempt on making a miniature magazine. I published the online magazine a few weeks ago and a lot of people has been asking if it´s possible to buy a printed version. And it is now.... I have made an ekstra article about lanterns in the printed version.

As a note I have to say, that I have no previous experience working with layout, graphics and magazines, and this first issue is all made in Word, which has some limits when doing a magzine. The next issue will be made in a professional program.

Since the magazine is made as an online magazine it has some small problems with narrow margins, but still readable and the photos are great.

You can see the free online version in both danish and English here:

To buy the printed and extended version go to the "Magazines" page above.

Monday, October 20, 2014

It´s been sooooo long....

You might be wondering what the f.... has happend to Obsidan Hall?

It´s been so long since I started blogging about miniatures and made my first blog "Obsidian Hall" which acctually is this one , but I have recently changed the name to GypsyBoudoirMiniatures, since it is the name on my webshop and the name I´m known as.

I have had several other blogs but this is the one which have had most visits and followers in the past and some how the one to be my heart closest.

Being a nostalgic woman and missing the good ol´ blogging days and my daily tours around blog World, I have decided to revive this blog. And of course make regular tours to visit your blogs.
I will be renewing my blog list since it disappeared when I changed some other features.

The pictures above is from my attempt to do some industrial miniatures. I quite like the industrial look and love doing it in miniature size.

Mini hugs Annie