Thursday, November 20, 2014

Feedback on Etsy...

I´ve been selling on Etsy for a couple of years now, and I am aware of the risk of getting bad feedback, since Etsy has this rating system. Fair enough but only buyers can give feedback to sellers, not the other way around. And now it happend to me.

Today I have got a really negative feedback as in one star out of 5 possible. I sold this miniature sewing thread spool kit, and the costumer complained her disappointment. She was convinced she had bought original old wooden spools and not a miniature kit made with card stock and beads.

Now I ask myself, should I be sorry for the bad review or should I be proud that my miniatures look vintage and authentic?

I sometimes get questions on my miniatures. One was asking for the rocking horse, because she wanted to buy it as a present for her toddler, but found the price very low for a vintage rocking horse.  She didn´t read the "1:12" in the headline. No offence, she didn´t buy it ;-)

I know of others that have had disappointed or even angry costumers, because the buyer did not know that they bought a miniature instead of a real life sizes item. Have oyu ever experienced something like that?

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